Here are some of my film photography books.
The Film Photographer's Large Format Log Book was my first book.  I made it for myself, so I could keep better track of my 4x5 sheet and 8x10 sheet film. It is way to track my images and also my settings. Amazingly there are other large format people out there who bought my book.
Back when I was running a darkroom for Shoreline Community College, I had some students ask about how to better process their film and print in the darkroom. My next two books came about.
The darkroom book is the one I use the most in the winter as I print more then.
Then I went I made the Roll film book so that students could track their exposures and settings to better understand what worked and didn't.
Then I went crazy and made several more books so that I could try and cover most common camera and film formats.
You can find these books on
My last book of this series was designed to help photographers keep track of people who were photographed as portraits as well as a little bit of a photography release.
You can find my books on
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